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About the event


І. Farms, hothouses, commercial gardens, berry-fields, vineyards.

ІІ. Wholesalers and exporters, processing enterprises, Ukrainian and foreign trade chains, public catering.

Thematic areas:

  • Modern growing technologies.
  • Selection, seed and crop industry.
  • Plant protection products.
  • Fertilizers, growth stimulants.
  • Planting material.
  • Irrigation systems.
  • Mechanization means:

- field-processing technologies;

- gardens maintenance technologies;

- harvest machines (vegetables, fruit, berry);

- transporters.

  • Laboratory and analytical equipment.
  • Certification and standardisation of products.


  • Greenhouse turn-key construction.
  • Modern technologies in greenhouse industry.
  • Covering materials.
  • Climate-control and automatic equipment.
  • Substrates and soil-mixtures.

Mushroom industry.

Commercial gardening:

  • Equipment and materials for gardening and berry industry:

- support systems;

- materials and tools for plants garter.

  • Equipment and materials for nursery-gardens:

- cassettes, boxes, seedling kits;

- containers and bags for plants growing;

- materials for plants packing.

  • Garden tools and accessories.

Flower industry.

Primary harvest processing:

  • Equipment and tools for harvest cleaning and washing.
  • Equipment for sorting, grading and separation of the crop.
  • Packaging for fresh produce.

Harvest storage.